The Filthy Sailor Bike Crawl Information Page

updated Directions as of 6-17-10

Thanks Everyone for coming out. Here are some photos from the ride. More to come...

Let me know if you would like to add some pictures as well. See you next year.


Avast!! It’s the 2010 Filthy Sailor Pub Crawl!

"Well they should, those filthy buggers. They go from port to port."

An all-port bike ride with stops at all  4 Pizza Port Microbreweries.

When : June 19, 2010 62 miles from Pizza Port San Clemente to Pizza Port Ocean Beach

Cost $30:  Deposit towards 4 beers, 1 at each location, pizza, and tshirt. Possible partial refund or potentially slightly more. This is all pro bono, and mostly just trying to get cash to make shirts and get an accurate head count.

Are ye with US?:

Sean ( )

Jay (

DEADLINE: for shirts is June 12, no guarantees after that. You can pay the day of in person.

    * Must have a Valid ID, Helmet, and Gloves (all required to go through Camp Pendelton and ID to drink obviously)

    * Road bikes recommended, unless you're in really good shape, or stupid.

    * Buddy system recommended in case of bike issues.  If you don’t have friends, go get some, but we’ll still let you go.

And how might Ye travel?

Transportation to and from the meeting points is not included. Please make arrangments with friends, carpool, or check train/bus schedules.

Metrolink #661 (Not required if you're driving up)
Leaves Oceanside Train station at 8:55 AM, $5
Arrives at 9:15 in San Clemente
1.2 Mile ride to Pizza Port San Clemente

    * Meet at Pizza Port San Clemente at 10 AM 

      Leave Pizza port 10:30 Sharp 

      28 miles to Pizza Port Carlsbad.  Lunch and beer.   Leave at 1:30. 

    * 13 miles to Pizza Port Solana Beach.  Arrive at 2:30.  Beer.  Leave at 3:00.  

    * 22 miles to Pizza Port Ocean Beach.  Arrive at OB by 5:00 hopefully. 

    * The coaster schedule changes all the time. As of now, the train leaves Old Town station at 7:01.  Arrive in Carlsbad at 7:50.


Payment Info

My original plan was to have people pay at each Pizza Port Location. That's not going to work due to certain liability issues. Please send an envelope with the appropriate money and name(s) of those attending to...

Sean Kelley directly at the Pizza Port Bottle Shop at 571 Carlsbad Village Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92008-2304. You can leave it with anyone at the shop for me as well.

Jay has also volunteered to take Paypal payments at if you'd rather do that. Paypal seems to be the best method as of right now for most.





Top Seven Safety tips.

 1. Obey all traffic laws, stop at all stops signs, especially through Del Mar

2.Ride single file thru Camp Pendelton and Leucadia

3.Call out and point out road hazards, such as "door", "rough road", "debris"

4.Have a riding partner and a bail out plan.

5.Leave space between you and the person in front of you.

6. Hydrate with water, or electrolites, or both.

7. Helmet, valid ID, sunscreen

Thanks to everyone that is attending or thinking about attending! I'm hoping it all goes according to plan. Just a few extra notes, disclaimers, bases covered...

This is a non-Pizza Port sponsored event although they are graciously playing hosts to our stops. It's 66 miles and not for the faint of heart. It's not a booze ride either. There will be a buddy system, I will have my phone, everyone must have ID for Pendelton and Port, and there are ample stops along the way if someone cannot make it (train or bus). I need to get a head count as quickly as possible, and potentially cut if off if there are too many participants.

There will not be drink tickets. That's just a hassle. We're not making you drink, water will be free of course. It will most likely be 1 pint of Port beer (not the strong stuff), bring some $1's if you want to upgrade and for extra carbs of course.

I would also like to say that Jay and I are not responsible for you. Please take care of yourself and buddy. We will definitely be there to help out, but when riding a bike, you will have to obey all the same rules on the road as in any moving vehicle. Drinking over the limit is not only against the law but dangerous.

Oh and anything can be changed and anytime. Hopefully it won't.